Town Osor

This ancient town with its 4000 years history is the oldest one in Croatia, situated on a little natural island which used to be connected with coasts of Cres and Lošinj by two isthmuses and laped by the sea, on the southwest edge of the island of Cres and separated from the island of Lošinj by a 11 meter wide channel. That specific position between Cres and Lošinj, on the isthmus which used to connect those islands, had made it a very important strategic and nautical point on the Adriatic sea through centuries.

Archeological findings show that boats used to be transfered through the area of Jazit down the old fortresses, which used to include area twice as big as Osor is today. Boats were also passing by the old cathedral, todays church on the cemetery. The isthmus is surrounded by the sea on the north and south side, and connected to the coasts of Cres and Lošinj on the east and west side. This has always been a good area for sailing, hunting, cattle-breeding and agriculture.

In the age of the Roman empire, Osor was very developed and fortified town. That age left us fragments of monumental walls and buildings. Osor was also maririme fort in the middle of sea lines which connected Ravenna, Pula and Poreč with Senj and ancient Plomin and Labin with Zadar and Solin. In the early middle age Osor became a very important strategic base of Byzantines and very impotant sacral buildings were built then.

Osor as we know it today is a museum in the open. Wherever one turns he encounters traces of ancient past. There is probably no house which does not have a noblemen’s coat-of-arms or a fragment of a stone decoration from the past, built into its walls.

Osor Musical Evenings

Historical area of Osor is an ideal frame for summer music festival which is being held from 1976. onwards and named Osor Musical Evenings,because the existance of the antique and newage theatre was confirmed in the year 1586.

Osor Musical Evenings emphasize mostly croatian music heritage. There is almost none of the important croatian composers whose compositions had not been played on Osor Musical Evenings. Founder and art-director of this festival is Daniel Marušić. The festival also has its assembly and a printed monography - Arkadija hrvatske glazbe, edited by Dodi Komanov.

During the period of July and August,renaissance church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary is the place where musical evenings with the performances of the best croatian and international performers are being held. Osor Musical Evenings have promoted the creative power of Boris Papandopulo, Ivan Mate Jarnović, Luka and Antun Sorkočević, Josip Mihovil Stratik, Franjo Krežma and others.

Distance of Osor from:

Airport Krk: 80 km
Ferry Rijeka-Porozine: 80 km
Ferry Krk-Valbiska: 56 km